Hi, I’m Lawrence

My story might be a lot like yours….

My career encompasses many years in both manufacturing and healthcare in various positions of leadership. While I achieved many successes and achievements, there was always something missing, a feeling that I was not achieving my fullest satisfaction and success. That all changed when I attended a group coaching program through my employer….suddenly I began to honestly look at myself more honestly. I began to challenge what I took as foundations of my behavior to discover that many of my beliefs and actions, while they had served me well, were in fact holding me back. The changes I experienced in myself were transformational. Opportunities and successes I had only dreamed of now became a reality. New habits and realities formed to where myself and others new reference the “old” and “new” me. My new identity was so exciting that I enrolled in a certified program to become a mentor & executive coach so that I could share these skills with people who shared the same frustrations as I had.

Why Work With Me?

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach. My specialties are Mentor and Executive coaching. My focus in coaching is to help both new and established leaders gain confidence, build more skills, be more resourceful while achieving balance and success in their personal and business lives.


Are you achieving your ideas, visions & dreams to their full potential?

Are you focused and decisive with the confidence & optimism to be the success you want?

Could you benefit from new tools to support your growth?

Do you need to change your game to a higher-level?

Would you benefit from the support a coach can provide?

The strength based coaching I provide is rooted in positive psychology and science. The process helps you identify those important and difficult steps restricting your success. In collaboration with clients, I help them identify their strengths which will guide them to develop strategies which fit their values so they can move forward. I listen and I use powerful questions to challenge clients to deep thinking so that inner critics can be tamed so they can reach what they want the most, a successful path to achievement of their goals.

Now it’s your turn…