I am not good enough...

I’m not good enough

I’m not good enough…

Do you ever allow yourself to feel somehow inferior no matter how good you are at something?   Do you allow someone else who may be better at something than you make you feel incompetent? Not everyone can be the best. Why do we allow ourselves to feel being average or not the best mean we not good? Why do we talk ourselves down and doubt the value of our worth and value in life? What is this internal critical voice that wields so much control over us? Why do we listen to it? Is it time to stop listening???

Think about this, is it time to challenge your inner critic? Push back that on our inner voice that there is either success or failure, no middle ground. Our lives are complex and it is impossible to excel and be the best in every facet. Trying your best and being the best are different. Are you overvaluing what you do not have and undervaluing what you do have? Have you become a puppet to both you and societies thoughts about who you should be? Consider the possibilities that could open up if you stopped holding yourself back from doing new and different things because of your inner voice of self doubt and caution. Perhaps it’s time you speak up and end your silence to pursue the unknown. All the beautiful uncertainties, successes and yes, failures. Stop aiming too low. Similarly stop aiming too high. Stop acting chaotically. Now is the time to fuel your curiosity no matter how satisfied or unsatisfied you may be.


Open your eyes and expand your focus rather than being blinded by your narrow view. What you want and what you see are likely different. Are you blinded by desires when what you want is right ahead?

Acknowledge your inner voice. Have empathy for your fears.

Aim small.

Be patient….go!

You might be in for a surprise

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