Is it time for an honest conversation with yourself?

Is it time for an honest conversation with yourself?

Do I really want “it”…Do you?

I want to change careers.

I need to procrastinate less to accomplish more.

I want to position myself to be considered for the next promotion.

I need to succeed in my new position.

I want to open my own business, no more working for the man.

I need to…I want to….. How often do you say this to yourself? When you do say it are you true to your word? Your desire for the “it” seems sincere however is it sincere or is it emotion speaking? I, like many of you, really want many things which I ultimately will not fully pursue. Fortunately many of these desires are fleeting and small in the larger scheme of my life. Many of these wants are likely better not pursued. Some of them are important which leaves one at a loss for not striving to achieve them. While it is true that those pursuits we push for are important, is it safe to conclude that the ones not taken are what was meant to be?

I have a friend who always stated their desire to be an entrepreneur. They started at least 5 different types of businesses, all with minimal success in each, none to the point they could sustain themselves of not requiring a “real” full time paying job. Today he talks of the adventures taken and what might have been however his reality is working in the same industry successfully performing similar work to what he expressed desire to stop doing 3 decades ago! He says it is what it is….Is it? Should it be? Could things have been different?

I have another close friend who knew she did not want to continue in the types of jobs she had however she lacked a clear direction of what she ultimately wanted. She, like my first friend tried different jobs while also pursuing a college education. Similar to my first friend she bounced not achieving the immediate success and satisfaction she wanted. Today there is a difference between the two of them. She has graduated with a degree in a field she found which matched her most recent job in. She is not where she was 10 years ago, rather she has successfully achieved her goal and embarked on a new future.

What’s different? Her actions and his actions were not the same. His businesses were never really his top priority as he kept his day job. She took bolder actions, sometimes going as far as moving her career which created uncertainty in her day to day and financial life. He was always somewhat comfortable only sort of putting himself out there. She went for it. He maintained order. She had struggles. Looking at my two friends it s easy to see why she has achieved success in her stated goal and he didn’t, the quality and intensity of their actions was quite different. She made her goal a priority and pushed, he called it a priority yet never really acted like it was.

So, do you really want “it”? Is it time to have an honest conversation with yourself? Coaching can be a critical first step to help you identify and move to whatever your real goals are. After all, your actions will ultimately show your true intentions.


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